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Grenade Pins

These are current issue U.S. grenade pins.

Price:  10 for $1.00


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GR-25072004 Soviet F1

This is a sectioned Soviet F1 fragmentation grenade.  It has been sectioned.  The threaded lead bushing between the fuze and the grenade is damaged in the sectioned area.  The spoon is missing.

Price:  $75.00

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UPG-8 TP Grenade Handle

This is a handle from a Soviet UPG-8 grenade.  The UPG-8 is the TP version of the RKG-3 HEAT grenade.  The handle is complete with all parts including the parachute.  Unfolded parachute not included

Price: $25.00 Each

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UPG-8 or RKG-3 AT Grenade Parachute

This is the parachute out of the Soviet UPG-8 TP grenade or the RKG-3 HEAT grenade. It is still wrapped in the original packing.  The open parachute NOT included but the photo lets you know what it looks like if you choose to open it.

Price: $5.00 Each

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US VB Grenade launching blank projectiles

These are wooden projectiles for the US VB grenade launching blanks (30-06).  There are made of hardwood (maple).  

Price $1.00 Each


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