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US WWII 20mm Dummy Round  (20x110)

This is a US WWII M18A1 20mm dummy round.  There is some staining on it.   It is is headstamped "CARTRIDGE DRILL M18A1 20MM. GUN".

Price: $10.00

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MCA111232004 US 20 x 139mm round

This is a US 20x139MM Dummy.  The projectile is stamped “…DUMMY 20MM…”  “LC-32”.  It is stenciled “LC-SP-2031”.  The top of the L is missing. 

Price: $10.00

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MCA108232004 German 35 x 228mm Dummy round

This is a German 35 x 228mm solid aluminum dummy round.  The finish is original.  The projectile portion is stamped "35K DM 20 LOS DN-3-12" 

Price:  $50.00

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US 30mm GAU-8 Shell Casings

These are the US 30mm X 173mm aluminum casings for the GAU-8 gun on the A-10.  The markings have been removed and they are a little light in those spots (one on the side and one on the bottom)

Price: $8.00 Each

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MCA25162003 US 30mm WECOM Dummy

This was a round developed by the US Army in the mid 1960s for use in helicopters.  It is stenciled "ALUM EQUIV." on the side and the head is stamped "DUMMY CARTRIDGE 30MM CMO 1-3".  It has a black hard rubber primer.

Price: $14.00 Each

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US 20mm XM 254 Dummy Round

This is a US XM 254 plastic dummy round. It is made from white plastic and has a metal head. It is marked "20MM DUMMY XM 254 POH-1-8-76"

Price: $10.00 Each

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U.S. 20mm M56A2 HE

These are U.S. Vietnam period 20mm M56A2 rounds. The fuzes are complete and inert. The projectiles are stamped on the driving band "ZEL-7-39-66-20MM-M56A2". The paint on the projectile is in very good condition and it is original. Casings maybe later than Vietnam period.

Price: $14 each

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