American grenades or grenades that were used by the Americans

(These Items are not for sale, all are inert)

US French and Indian War to PreWWI
US Mark (MK) Series Grenades 
US M-Series Grenades (M7-M31)
US M-Series Grenades (M34-M84)
Simulators, adaptors, and signals

GRENADES (M34-M84 and others)

M33/67 Solid Dummy? US M34 WP Smoke Trainer US M34 WP Smoke Trainer US M34 WP Smoke
US M34 WP Smoke M47 Tear Gas US M48 Red Smoke US M50 Frag
M50 Frag M56 Frag XM58 Gas XM58 Gas (M7A3 Gas pictured for size) 
M61 Frag M67 Frag M67 Frag "INERT" marked M67
 M67 Frag M67 (Cutaway) Low order exploded M67 M69 Practice

M69 Practice

M69 Practice XM78 (Cutaway)

XM78 Practice

M83 Smoke XM84 Stun Grenade M84 Stun Grenade

USN MK155 Mod 0 fuze assembly

Experimental Teargas

Does anyone have any info on this one?


Rubber Teargas Rubber Teargas Rubber Teargas
US Tear Gas 64mm  M742 Ring Airfoil Grenades

T13 Impact Grenade US Ring foil rifle grenade M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition
M86 PDM (Dummy) XM87 PDM Dutch V-40
Rifle Grenade made from M67 (It is Israeli does anyone know when the US tested it?)


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