Grenade Training Manual, 1918


This is a xerox copy of an original WWI grenade training manual. Due to the way it is bound there is a possibility that some of the words towards the center (the binding) of the manual may be truncated. This manual covers WWI French, German, and English hand grenades and the French VB Rifle grenade. It also covers the "NEW" US MKI hand grenade. The it even states that the new fuze mechanism is less awkward than the Mills or F1 fuze mechanism. Obviously this manual was written before the MKI went into action.  This manual is copied and bound (stapled) in the from of the original manual,  it has double-sided pages that are stapled at the center to create a real manual.  

LENGTH: 101 Pages

PRICE: $15.00 plus shipping.

About all manual copies

All manuals will be copied to capture as much of the writing on each page as possible without damaging the manual or the binding. Manuals that have some truncation due to the binding will be noted in the information section.  Individual pages with copying errors or pages that are too light will be replaced free of charge. Copies can be returned for a refund minus the shipping cost.